Service We Provide

Diabetic clinic – This clinic is held weekly for the care of diabetics. Patients are reviewed on a recall system and are invited to attend. Diabetics of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Asthma/COPD clinics – Increasing numbers of people of all ages are suffering from asthma. Your doctor or hospital consultant will make the initial diagnosis and explain your treatment. Our specially trained practice nurses will then ensure that the treatment is effective by checking inhaler techniques and measuring lung function regularly, referring to your doctor if necessary.

Family Planning – The practice offers a full range of family planning care and advice, including the fitting of coils (IUCDs) and the morning after pill (within 72 hours of intercourse). We also offer the contraceptive implants. The nurses and doctors are happy to provide contraceptive advice in their normal surgeries but if you have specific queries regarding types of contraception please book an appointment with one of the nurses..

Smoking cessation - Our nursing team run a give up smoking clinic with supportive advice and medication offered. 

Maternity services - All the doctors provide maternity services and like to see their patients as early as possible in the pregnancy