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Your Prescription Explained

Our new online request system for medication has been designed for your convenience. All medications can be potentially harmful, and therefore require vigilance when prescribing. 

Most medications which are taken long term mostly appear on your repeat list. Patients on repeat medication require their repeat list to be Annually Reviewed. Depending on the number and type of drugs on your list, you may or may not need to attend the surgery for this review. 

Most other medications are usually prescribed as an Acute Medication during your doctor's appointment. In most circumstances, we would ask you to see the doctor or nurse for a review if requiring further acute medication. This is so that we can understand why a further course is required and decide whether a different treatment would be more appropriate. 

Repeat Prescription

A number of regularly used special medication are kept off the repeat list for safety reasons, but can still be requested online. The following sections further explain our various types of prescriptions.


Repeat Medication

Your repeat medication appears in the white portion of your prescription, on the right side. You should retain this part when submitting you prescription to the pharmacy. To request repeats, simply circle the medicines on the list that you require and hand it in to the pharmacy, or place it in the specially provided box at the surgery's reception. 

You can alternatively request online

repeat prescription


Special and Acute Medication

You may find that a particular medication you take regularly does not appear on your repeat medication list. Most commonly, these include certain pain killers, sleeping tablets as well as other medicines that are potentially harmful or addictive. 

You may request such mediation online as well, however we will need to check our records to ensure that the medication is not being overused. For safety reasons, we will often withhold the issuing of such medicines should they have been issued too recently. 

As mentioned before, Specials and Acutes can be ordered online. Please be aware however that all special and acute requests will be checked by a clinician before being authorised. 


Annual Medication Review

At CTS we are keen to bother you as little as possible for routine reasons. However for safety, we do need to check your medication list once every year

We have thought long and hard to come up with the best system!! To help everyone remember when their review is due, we have decided to hold your review around the time of your birthday. If you suffer from a long term condition that requires an annual check-up (e.g. diabetes), we plan to invite you for this during the run-up to your birthday as well. 

You do not, of course, need to wait to to receive our invitation. If your birthday is approaching and you suffer from a long term condition, please make an appointment to see Suzanne Denny, our fabulous Healthcare Assistant, to start your check-up.