Requesting Routine Appointments

Routine appointments can be booked through reception up to 3 weeks in advance.

All appointments with the doctor are 10 minutes long and often there is insufficient time to deal with multiple medical problems. We are always happy to deal with a list of problems time permitting but we request that you kindly let us know which issues you would like dealt with on the day, and should time not allow for the rest we are happy to see you at a future date. As you may have experienced, even our booked surgeries frequently run late, and as a courtesy to other patients we must ensure that appointment times are adhered to as much as possible.

For more urgent matters, a few appointments are saved so you can book for the same day. These urgent appointments are strictly 10 minutes long so we sincerely request that you focus on one problem to try and prevent surgeries from running late.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments are a significant issue for most GP surgeries. We do understand that all patients have busy lives and unforeseen circumstances can crop up at any time. We request that you phone us to cancel your appointment at the first opportunity out of courtesy to fellow patients. Needless to say, this goes for ALL types of appointments, whether they be with the doctor, nurse, healthcare assistant or any other professional.

Online Appointment Booking

You may have seen the news recently regarding the possibility of booking an appointment online. Please register for Patient online services to be able to book and cancel appointments. We are committed at CTS to using web technology to make your experience as patients as hassle-free as possible. As with any new ideas for the practice, we would be grateful for your views and feedback, and urge you to join out Patient Participation Group in order to get more involved.